A Passion for Education: Ghada Boulos

“Follow your dream and passion,” says Ghada Boulos, philanthropist and Beirut College for Women graduate. “Concentrate on one thing and do it. Do it with passion.” Passion can be directed at running a school event or finding a job; but to support passion, one needs education, she says.

As a Lebanese with Palestinian roots, she is keenly aware that “money comes and goes, and land comes and goes.” What you can rely on, she says, is your education. And that is Boulos’ passion: education at every level. She hopes LAU will add hands-on, vocational components to its growing curriculum, to train lab technicians as well as doctors.

Impressed by LAU ’s strength and history, Boulos has become one of the university’s major funders. Even during the Lebanese civil war, she says, things were happening at the school. The dedication of the people who built a small women’s college into a university should be “acknowledged all over the world,” Boulos says. “Just think—it didn’t come just like that. You need people and energy.”

Boulos is one of the people supplying the energy. She is supporting the Ghada Daniel Boulos Endowment Scholarship Fund, and is contributing, since 2005, towards the funding of the Ghada Daniel Boulos Lecture Hall.

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