Al-Raida Returns to Arabic Publication

Women’s roles in the aftermath of the “Great Syrian Revolt”; Feminist Art from the Arab/Muslim Diaspora; and Arab Women’s Experiences of Canada: These represent just a small sampling of the topics covered by Al-Raida, the quarterly journal published by the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at Lebanese American University. IWSAW has become known worldwide as a catalyst for policy changes regarding women’s rights in the Arab community. However, faced with budgetary constraints over the years, IWSAW has been forced to limit publication of its important journal to English.

No longer. Thanks to a grant from the Open Society Institute (OSI) - a foundation aimed at promoting worldwide democratic governance, human rights and social reform - Al-Raida will begin online dissemination in both English and Arabic. The $37,000 received from OSI permits dual-language publication for the next three years, led by Dr. Dima Dabbous-Sensenig, IWSAWs director, and Myriam Sfeir, Al-Raida’s managing editor. An independent translator, graphic designer and copy editor will join the team overseeing the journal’s Arabic version from proof to print.

Known internationally for its work on women’s issues, IWSAW advocates for, implements and supports the participation of women in the private and public spheres of the Middle East. With a return of an Arabic edition, IWSAW can keep its important task going far into the future.

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