In loving memory of Salim Hachache, long-time giver to LAU

Salim Hachache surrounded by his family

Salim Hachache and Salim Hachache junior

“It is an honor for our family to carry the name of such a great father, husband, teacher, and friend”, says Ramzi Hachache, oldest son of late Salim Hachache, long-time contributor to LAU.

His name lives on at LAU through the history of his generous donations since 1985, which mainly supported the Salim Hachache Annual Scholarship Grant.

His youngest son Raef is an LAU alumnus, and his grandchildren Leen Hachache and Hani Idriss are currently enrolled at the University. The Hachache’s loyalty to LAU truly runs in the family!

Salim Hachache was a strong believer in the importance of education, and always wanted to give the opportunity of a great education to students who couldn’t afford it.

His family, friends, colleagues, and employees knew him as patient, generous, and humble. His children and grandchildren had the chance to grow up close to him. A few months before he passed away, Salim Hachach Junior was born to his son Raef and his wife Nadine Marashli, an LAU alumna as well. Although “Grandpa Salim” was very grateful and always proud of all his grandchildren, but the birth of “baby Salim” brought special joy to him and the entire family.

His sudden death on February 23, 2011 was the biggest of shocks to all who loved and met him.

Hachache was very dedicated to his work and that was the secret behind his success story. He started his career in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia with General Electric Company (GE). Although being far away from home and enduring many hardships at that time, he branched off into his own company, which became one of the largest distributors of GE in Saudia Arabia. In fact, his company was the first to introduce central air conditioning to the kingdom. Throughout his career path, his wife Atifa, the dearest to his heart, was one of the biggest supporters of the “giant businessman” he became.

At LAU, we will always cherish his memory, and praise his commitment to the noble cause of education.

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