Jawdat R. Haydar Study Room in the Riyad Nassar Library

“We have faith in LAUs mission as it is guided by a deep sense of ethical values, and we feel that our father would be very proud to establish a study room in his name at LAU”, says Shahina Haydar Osseiran on behalf of the late Jawdat R. Haydar family.

The family of the late Lebanese poet has recently found a way to honor their father and commemorate his life and works. On July 4, 2011, Shahina Osseiran, daughter of Jawdat R. Haydar, signed an agreement with LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra on behalf of the family to establish the Jawdat R. Haydar Study Room for a generous contribution towards the University, in the 8,000 sq.m Riyad Nassar Library, which contains over 350,000 books and state-of-the-art information technology.

The Jawdat R. Haydar Study Room is going to house some of the poet’s belongings such as his own personal library, old manuscripts, his works, awards, and trophies, not to mention his photographs. Even his own desk and chair will be placed there.

Siham Haydar Al Zein, daughter of the late poet, is an alumna from the Class of 1958 and a former staff member at LAU. “I believe I returned to my roots!” she says. “It touches me so much to be able to have our father’s collection here on campus”.

“When we want to reminisce about Dad, we read his poems and really appreciate them, and that is the passion we all share as sisters”, Osseiran adds.

Haydar published numerous works, mostly written in English with his latest collection published in 2006 upon his 101st birthday entitled, 101 Selected Poems. December 4, 2011 will mark the 5th year anniversary of Haydar’s passing away; his family has chosen that date to officially inaugurate the Jawdat R. Haydar Study Room at LAU.

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