Kamil Sarieddine Annual Scholarship Grant Supports Needy Students

Kamil Sarieddine, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi-based Sarieddine Trading Establishment (STE) and Beirut-based Royal Homes real estate company, has been making donations to support education for over two decades. As of 1996, Sarieddine had generously contributed towards the General Scholarship Fund at LAU.

Then, in October 2009, the self-made Lebanese businessman established the Kamil Sarieddine Annual Scholarship Grant at LAU, which generously pledges $50,000 annually to an unlimited number of students studying in a variety of disciplines at LAU who are in need of financial support. Students started benefiting from this yearly gift in the Fall of 2009.

As a needs-based grant, LAUs Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will evaluate the applications of both new and enrolled students in order to establish which students face the most significant financial difficulties. Academic performance will also be taken into consideration, and on the basis of those two criteria, a list of students who will benefit from the Kamil Sarieddine Annual Scholarship Grant will be drafted.

The ethics that underpin Sarieddine’s commitment to education are reflected in the family-based values of his business, which are described on the company’s website as “honesty, dedication and loyalty”. Perhaps it is such values that led to STE winning several prestigious prizes, including the Casalgrande Padana and Twyford and Marazzi awards.

It goes without saying that Sarieddine’s philanthropic spirit, combined with his achievements in the business world, has enabled him to contribute to quality performance in education by offering generous financial support to LAU students. In an exemplary display of dedication and commitment in many fields, Sarieddine has been able to share the fruit of his accomplishments, turning his own success story into the successes of others.

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