Lina Ghazi: “I owe my success to LAU”

“LAU prepared me to face the challenges of the business world and to explore all possibilities when encountering a problem. LAU helped me have faith in myself and never give up”, says Lina Ghazi, BUC alumna from the class of 1980.

Through naming a seat at Irwin Hall Auditorium in 2009, she found a way to give back to her alma mater. “I owe my success in the hectic world of travel to the excellent education I received”, she admits.

Upon graduating, Ghazi began working with her mother in their family business, Ghazi Travel. She has been running this successful business on her own since 2003, the year her mother unfortunately passed away.

Today, Lina Ghazi is still grateful to her professors who helped her in striving for perfection, and wishes for LAU continuous success.

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