Rima Hourani Opens Doors to Palestinian Students from the Refugee Camps

“Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower” - Unknown author

This anonymous proverb illustrates how the act of giving enhances joy and represents a heightened form of virtue. LAU alumna Rima Hourani and her husband Amal have expressed their dedication to such principles by ensuring that the fruits of their labors are shared for the benefit of others. Since their first donation in 1993, the couple has contributed significantly to various endeavors at LAU.

Most recently, after realizing that some prospective students interested in studying at LAU could not afford the costs, the Houranis decided to offer financial assistance to students in need by fully sponsoring 3 Palestinian students in the School of Nursing and one student in the School of Pharmacy coming from the refugee camps.

Rima Hourani, who is herself of Palestinian descent, has found a way to pay homage to her roots by giving other Palestinian students the opportunity to earn a university education.

On October 25, 2010, she signed a gift agreement with LAU President Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra, and gave the university a $200,000 check to fully sponsor four Palestinian students.

She never hesitates to give back to the place where she was educated and knew so well. And on that Monday, she walked those LAU grounds once again, with her spouse, and at once, eliminated the financial barriers that these students faced.

“It is always important to give to others, so those who are less fortunate can have the chance of a better life”, she said. “We chose to give financial aid to Nursing and Pharmacy students because the students graduating with degrees in those two fields will work and provide much needed help in the ever-demanding health care sector. These are professions that heal people”.

President Jabbra affirmed that giving this opportunity to needy students is really a great service because nowadays people cannot function without a proper education, and that is in itself the greatest gift one can give. “To provide these opportunities is part of our mission and we feel strongly about giving anyone who is qualified the chance to receive a university education. It is our pride at LAU to welcome qualified people who can afford to pay for an excellent education, as well as those who cannot”.

Over the years, Amal and Rima Hourani have made several important donations to LAU. Following the rise of the Byblos campus, the couple decided to donate a sizeable amount towards naming the Rima Hourani Exhibition Room on that campus. Then, upon hearing word of plans to build a new School of Business on the Beirut campus, they generously gave a large sum that went towards naming the Amal Issa Hourani Lounge.

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