Suad Husseini Juffali “We should never forget that LAU is a nonprofit organization that cannot live without our full support.”

Juffali during her years at BCW

A.A. Beirut College for Women


Where she lives now?
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

As an active philanthropist, Juffali founded the first Women’s Welfare Society and the Al-Faisaliyah Women’s Society, both of which deal with the education and health of women and children. She also established the Help Center, a special educational institution in Jeddah for mentally handicapped children, and supports Dar il Thofli il Arabi bil Kods orphanage in Jerusalem.

What has she given to LAU?
Juffali contributed the cumulative total of $160,000 towards the Ahmad & Suad Juffali Endowment Scholarship Fund starting the year 1985 until date. She also donated the generous amount of $1,000,000 to fund the Ahmad and Suad Juffali Business and Technology Library located at the Riyad Nassar Library on Beirut campus, which houses a critical collection of business and computer science materials.

Where she’d like to see her money go?
Promoting all-inclusive education that incorporates poor as well as rich students, people from many countries and the needs of the community. She’d also like education to go beyond the acquisition of a degree, to the acquisition of practical knowledge in the graduate’s chosen field and involvement with the community.

Why give back to LAU?
This is the future of your grandchildren, of our children, of their children. I would like my grandchildren to be raised in an Arab country, but with a perfect international education—and that is, for me, the number one reason why I continue promoting LAU. We should never forget that this is a nonprofit organization that cannot live without our full support. It doesn’t have to be a huge sum, but I believe in a yearly sum according to each person’s ability…. [The university must] have students from different classes. It shouldn’t be the rich only who can have a good education. I want the people on the street to be educated.

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