Why I Give: Tarek Fawaz

Tarek Fawaz helps give stores in the Levant their fashionable reputations and their fashionable merchandise thanks to the education he received at LAU. After earning a degree at what was then-known as Beirut University College in 1984, Tarek went on to form Fawaz Holding, SAL, a retail sales and distribution company that does business in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Thanks to the tools LAU gave him, Tarek was able to form a successful company that distributes everything from perfumes and cosmetics to electrical home appliances and clothing. Fawak Holding also has real estate interests in the region.

Today’s economic environment is a challenging one for young citizens around the region, including in Lebanon. Tarek’s contribution to LAU and to education will help provide young people an opportunity to learn, grow and achieve success in their own right.

As Tarek Fawaz says, “I give back to LAU because of my belief in supporting the institution that opened its doors for me to learn and develop myself.”

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