Why I Give: Wadih S. “Bill” Jordan

Wadih S. “Bill” Jordan sees education as the hope for Lebanon. “I am a firm believer in education and believe the future of Lebanon depends on the success of institutions of higher education like LAU; and that is where people like me can make a difference,” said Jordan. His actions are already making a big difference at LAU.

A member of LAUs Board of Trustees for seven years, he has established an endowment scholarship fund in his name and his wife’s which gives much needed financial assistance to deserving students. Jordan’s roots are Lebanese. He was born in Majdalouna, a village located in the Chouf region. He graduated from AUB with a degree in agriculture in 1957 and holds a certificate in international business from Columbia University. He lives in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey with his wife Trudy. His two children Christina and Steven also live in New Jersey and his youngest son, Patrick, works for Pfizer in Moscow.

Jordan is currently retired but continues to serve as a Director with Antigenics, a biotechnology company developing cancer vaccines and other treatments for cancer and infectious diseases, and on the board of directors of other pharmaceutical companies. He is also involved in a number of civil society organizations focusing on Lebanon, such as “Drug Free Lebanon” and “Act for Lebanon”, an advocacy group and foundation working for a better Lebanon, as well as “Friends of the Lebanese Academy of Science”. Additionally he was President of the Board of the American Community Schools in Athens, Greece from 1989 - 1993.

Jordan values the crucial role that LAU plays in the region, and his support has made a considerable impact at LAU.

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