The Campaign for Excellence will support major capital investments on both the Beirut and Byblos campuses, including campus expansion and the installation of technologically advanced "smart" classrooms.

Capital Investments on the Byblos Campus

Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury Medical School

Once completed, the 12,500-square-meter 21st-century structure will house both the new medical school and the Alice Ramez Chaghoury School of Nursing. The $18-million state-of-the-art complex will be the nation's most technologically advanced medical school a world-class facility with video streaming, videoconferencing, digitized collections of microscopic slides, multi-disciplinary laboratories, an electronic library, and 24/7 cyber cafe. A list of naming opportunities in the School of Medicine is available.

The medical school will target regional health needs like women's health, adolescent, pediatric, geriatric and genetic medicine, and neuroscience, and will draw Lebanese talent in biomedical science from around the world back to their homeland and the region.

LAU enrolled its first group of pre-medical students in 2006 and will accept its first medical students in Fall 2009.

A New Library

Envisioned as the new heart of the Byblos campus, the six-level library, with its breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, will provide physical space that supports multidisciplinary, team-taught, highly interactive learning, in concert with some of the traditional components of the library, and within a social setting that engages students and faculty, and enables rich learning experiences.

This library is envisioned as an Information Commons. That is, it will become a one-stop location for teaching and learning, featuring a comprehensive repository of print and digital information resources. Technology will be pervasive in the library, including full electronic links to the Riyad Nassar Library on the Beirut campus.

The Frem Civic Center

This structure, named in memory of Georges Frem, will be situated adjacent to the new library on the Byblos campus. It is envisioned as embodying LAU's commitment to educate and cultivate good citizens, promote democratic values, and encourage resolution of conflict by peaceful means. When completed, it will house a number of the university's institutes and will become the focal point for courses, seminars, and conferences on topics such as ethics, leadership, citizenship, transparency, tolerance and democracy. Numerous naming opportunities exist within the building, and interested donors may contact the development office in that regard.

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Capital Investments on the Beirut Campus

An Enhanced Business School

Part of the mission of LAU's Adnan Kassar School of Business is to help Lebanon rebuild its economy and national infrastructure by preparing students to enter and eventually lead the business community here and abroad. For our students to meet these expectations, we need to ensure that they have the best possible educational opportunities. Financial support from our alumni and other friends will help us provide the infrastructure needed to keep pace with ever-changing educational needs. In addition, LAU would be proud to name the School of Business in return for a gift of $10 million.

Smart Classrooms and Hands-on Labs

Access to current workplace technology is critical for the development of students in every discipline, in order to prepare them to live and work in a technologically advanced world. Smart classrooms fully integrate technology into the teaching/learning process, ensuring that students, regardless of their majors, have access to the latest instructional techniques and gain a mastery of the technology that will be an integral part of their adult lives.

Additional Upgrades to the Beirut Campus

To meet the demands of our growing enrollment, the Beirut campus will require a new residence hall and a new student center. In addition, historic Sage Hall is in need of structural and cosmetic renovation.

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